Bill Rodick, RMP is a Maryland Registered Massage Practitioner specializing in Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release Techniques, but is also well-versed in all modalities including Prenatal Massage, Geriatric Massage, and Acupressure. He is a Maryland native and a graduate of The Baltimore School of Massage, where he excelled in a 768-hour program, finishing in the top five percent of his class. After graduating, Bill has had the pleasure of working in a variety of massage environments and has gathered the best of each to create his own studio where he is able to bring his clients the ultimate massage experience. His passion is in athletic-based work and providing an essential role in injury prevention and rehabilitation. He also enjoys educating his clients on how to keep their bodies able to perform at their highest level. 

Credible mentions include:

  • Sports Medicine Staff Massage Therapist for Towson University Athletic Department
  • Aided the University of Maryland Field Hockey team during 2014 NCAA Tournament 
  • Treated clients from the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLL and NCAA
  • Worked with members of both the men and women USA National Lacrosse teams 

What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying

"Such a great experience and an awesome atmosphere. Any pain I had come in with was gone by the time I left. Best massage ever. Thanks again!" - Madeline C.
"The gift of being able to make others feel comfortable while also providing an outstanding service and atmosphere is hard to find. William John does just that. He has the talent and personality that make this experience the total package." - Rachel K.
"I started going to William John Massage in January because I needed a masseuse to really be able to work with me while training for the NFL Scouting Combine. I respect Bill's craft because he was able to put the time in to make sure any soreness I originally had was gone. For example, I had a knot in my hamstring for six months that I never thought was going to get better, but after a total of 3-4 sessions Bill was able to work it out which enabled me to continue my training more easily. He was also able to give me suggestions on what stretches to do while at home to decrease any soreness. Another thing about Bill is that he always makes himself available for his customers even if he has to stay late for an appointment with you. He's a man of his word and he's highly educated in what he does. That's why I continue to go to him." - Ryan D. (Professional Football Player)

"I recently had reconstructive surgery on my arm and have been favoring my other side; this left my back totally tweaked. Bill is a doll. He spent a considerable amount of time talking to me about my ailments and medical history prior to the massage. I opted for a 90 minute deep tissue massage. From beginning to end he made me feel comfortable. He is extremely knowledgeable about massage techniques- sports massage, shiatsu, reflexology, cranial sacral etc. Hands  down- and this is the highest compliment I can dole out- best massage I  have ever gotten- ever! I will return. I recommend that you call him and book ASAP." - Beth C. 


"Being an athlete for almost 17 years, it is to no surprise that I am very familiar with injuries. From baseball to football, and basketball to lacrosse, my body has dealt with its fair share of physical damage. During my senior year at Towson University playing Division 1 Men's Lacrosse, I endured an incredibly painful injury. I began to experience an agonizing, stiff feeling that was dominating the lower left side of my back and then moved to my right side too. Being an offensive lacrosse player, it is important to be able to rotate your hips and shoulders, and with back issues it was almost impossible to do that without experiencing pain. It was my athletic trainer that introduced me to William John Massage Studio. Here I was fortunate to work with Bill and start the road to recovery. For most men, they would think that its uncomfortable for another man to give them a massage (and I did think this at first). However, Bill was very professional and made me forget about the possibility of feeling that way. He took great care of me. He was also very accommodating and worked around my busy game and practice schedules. There were even times that Bill waited an hour or two after his last appointment just to work with me before my games. He was able to fix my back, and ever since I started seeing him, my performance increased tremendously. I tripled my goals scored as well as my assists. I was able to help my team make it to the CAA championship game where I scored the game-winning goal with a behind-the-back shot. That shot would have never been possible if it wasn't for Bill and William John Massage Studio. I was so fortunate to meet Bill and trusting him was the best decision I have ever made. I want to thank Bill for everything he did for me and how much he truly cares about helping people and aiding in their recoveries." - Justin M. (Towson University Lacrosse Player) 


"I had an absolutely wonderful first experience at William John Massage Studio! The studio itself was quaint, beautifully decorated, and emitted nothing but positive, relaxing energy. This was my first time with a male massage therapist, and I have to say that Bill was really great! He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and made me feel 100% comfortable from start to finish." - Lindsey P.

"William is an amazing massage therapist! His studio is the perfect blend of serenity and peace, creating an affordable luxury experience you won't forget. Everyone should try William John Massage Studio!" - Laura S.
"I highly recommend William John Massage Studio! Bill is a talented therapist and is sincerely interested in relieving muscle pain and treating chronic ailments through massage and exercise. He thoroughly listened to my history and complaints, and pinpointed my problems through touch. I had a deep tissue massage with Bill and now I feel significantly better!" - Rachel M.

"I went to William John Massage Studio recently when I was in from NYC for a conference in Baltimore. I came for a prenatal massage, and received the best massage of my life. He understood my complaints and really took my specific requests into consideration more than any therapist I have ever been to in the past. Thank you! I highly recommend this Studio to anyone and everyone." - Nimmi P.